Polling & Distribution

Polling and Distribution

We start with data from your accounting system and handle the rest with our dedicated staff and superior technology.

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Ignition Auto Marketing’s partner network can poll your inventory from all DMS accounting systems including ADP, Reynolds & Reynolds, Auto/Mate, UCS, Arkona, EDS, Auto Soft, Auto Base and more.  For smaller dealerships the ability to manually import data is a simple and straightforward process.

Broadcast Marketing 

On import, this data is automatically added and removed providing providing the most up-to-date data set possible.  Advance import rules can be used to filter out unwanted wholesale vehicles and customized import rules can be implements to automatically improve vehicle data as the vehicles arrive in the system.

Your Web Site

With Vehicle Detail Pages VDP’s being more important then ever, Ignition Auto Marketing will work with your web provider to create the most seamless method to update your dealerships web site.  Using traditional file transfers or near real time APi technology we are there to make sure each VDP has all of the right information.

Third Party Services

With hundreds of exports at your fingertips, Ignition Auto Marketing makes it a snap to export your vehicle inventory to all of the third part sites your dealership subscribes to.  Major services like AutoTrader.com, Cars.com will receive multiple updates per day!

Free Listing Services

In addition to paid services, our toll allows access to a verity of free web sites to send your vehicles to, extending your marketing reach without braking the bank.  Many free listing sites are added every month, if you don’t see an export in our ever growing list, let us know and we will set a new export up for you, free of charge.

Classified Listings Sites

End.To ExampleIgnition Auto Marketing can help market your vehicles on some of the nation’s largest Classified Listing sites.  These sites are some of the fastest growing web sites in the US and offer a tremendous value.

Auction Services

When it’s time to turn aged inventory, Ignition Auto Marketing’s inventory management system allows you post your vehicles on public auction sites like eBay and on dealer to dealer auction sites like OVE, Manheim and GM SmartAuction.