Image Enhancement

Image Enhancement

Picture Perfect Photos That Effectively Display Your Entire Inventory

In today’s highly competitive market, visual presentation is more important than ever.

InteliPhoto from Ignition Auto Marketing, is always there to make sure your product images stand out above your competition. With InteliPhoto you no longer have to worry if your photo location is....not-so-photogenic. Seasonal changes, location issues and background objects that could easily take away from the vehicle being photographed will be a thing of the past. Includes:

  • Consistent branding and improved image quality
  • Avoid "staging" vehicles and exposure to lot damage
  • Increased brand recognition and great first impression
  • Get more ad views
  • Eliminate background clutter
  • New car stock photo program includes three color matched photos for each vehicle
  • Cobine with Ignition Auto Marketing Lot Service photos, inteliPhoto does all editing
  • Increased lead opportunities (email's, phone calls and walk-in shoppers)
  • Low cost per enhanced photo


InteliPhoto will enhance your new vehicle marketing through the use of color matched stock images along with your choice of dealership images and branding