The Perfect Purchasing Department Solution

Many dealers today, are setting up their own "Buying Departments" or "Purchasing Departments" to acquire the right vehicles for their lot from privet sellers instead of simply going to the auction.  The result is inventory that turns faster at a higher profit, all while generating a positive reputation fro your dealership.  With inteliProspect you have all the tools you need to get started!


Work Smarter, Not Harder with inteliProspect

2013 is shaping up to be another banner year in the automotive industry.  Higher trade-in equity on used vehicles is releasing  pent up demand from consumers who need to replace aging vehicles or who are enticed by the large number of exciting new vehicles arriving at dealer showrooms this year.

Car prices are at an all time high at local auctions because of the current credit market and a high demand leaving dealers with slimmer margins from auction vehicles and difficulty sourcing inventory.

Pilot Key.GirlNow more than ever, dealers are forced to rely on customer trade-ins to replenish pre-owned inventory and maintain healthy margins.
Imagine what it would mean to a dealer to have hundreds of inbound calls from customers wanting to sell their cars.

Ignition Auto Marketing's inteliProspect aggregates pre-owned vehicles for sale by individual owners from across the Internet.  We then filter this list to include vehicles a dealership would be interested in buying  outright, or taking in on trade.

Essential Features

  • Specify what days and times to send messages.
  • Messages are scheduled throughout the day to avoid “overload”.
  • Proprietary technology harvests data from multiple online sources and eliminates duplicate contacts.
  • Send personalized messages to sellers.
  • Customize messages per day or salesperson
  • Receive inbound SMS messages via email

Impressive Results

  • Generate calls everyday from private sellers that are in the market to sell their vehicles today!
  • Automatically contact in market buyers based on criteria you specify.
  • Reach In-Market buyers before they begin actively searching for a vehicle.
  • Increase showroom traffic.
  • Purchase vehicles to replenish inventory below auction prices.


†† Data varies depending on information provided by the selling dealer