Classified Posting

Calssified Posting

Our inteliPost Ad Management Service is designed to assist more enterprising dealers to capitalize on Cragislist.

while your timid competitors are pulling back, you will be taking advantage of the vacuum through our strategic marketing, and sell more vehicles.


The Ad Management Approach

For years dealers have used Ad Buying in traditional media outlets such as newspapers, radio and television, where the dealer pays for a certain level of exposure.  This approach has allowed dealers to define advertising budgets with predictable costs, allowing them to adjust their exposure based upon the success of each outlet, and the targeted consumers these outlets service.   

Print.and.CL Ad.BuysThis same Ad Buying approach is how Ignition Auto Marketing’s enhanced inteliPost Ad Management System works.  We places ads that run for 30 days on Craigslist, paying close attention to its terms of use to assure the highest quality ads for its visitors. 

This leads to more views and a greater volume of sales opportunities for the dealer.  Using inteliPost’s exclusive Posting Algorithm, these ads are optimized to provide the most marketable vehicle content in the right place at the right time.


Eye Catching Listings That Sell

SupermodleOur team of marketing specialists work behind the scene to produce high caliber ads, designed to solicit more responses and generate more contacts.  We begin with the ability to aggregate your inventory from various sources to collect pricing information, custom comments, and photos.  Your stock photos on new vehicles are automatically enhanced with custom backgrounds to brand your dealership’s information. 

Take your Ads to the next level with our inteliPhoto service, allowing each vehicle to look its very best!  Our inteliPhoto team will enhance your photos by applying a custom background to the image.  The result is a branded image, projecting the message of a high quality sales experience.

Click here to learn more about our inteliPhoto for Used vehicles and inteliPhoto sock image service for New vehicles.


Keeping Your Ads Fresh & Up To Date

Our inteliPost service will remove vehicles when they are sold and submit ads for new inventory as soon as we receive them from your inventory sources.  We update your ads several times per day, keeping ad information such as price and photos as current as possible, thereby improving both Ad value and visitor experience.


Monitoring and Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Ads on Craigslist

Our inteliPost service comes with call tracking number and comprehensive reporting where phone calls and emails are broken down by hours and days to track the effectiveness of your marketing spending on Craigslist. Every email lead is met with an auto response which includes a link to the VDP to further engage the consumers and exposing your other available vehicles.


inteliPost Is Just The Beginning!

Looking for more great Ignition Auto Marketing services like inteliPhoto image enhancement or inteliProspect FSBO purchasing solution?  These services can all be activated within your account, allowing you to Turbo-Charge your dealership's online marketing with a single, cohesive tools set.


** inteliPhoto, inteliProfit & inteliProspect services are available at an additional charge